Hello and welcome to the happy gut diaries!

I’m Jules and I am a college senior who was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis early on in 2016. My goal is very simple – to live healthy, positively, and with a happy gut.

This blog/instagram emerged from a desire to connect with others living with Colitis or Crohn’s and share some of my own thoughts and reflections about what it’s like to have IBD – as well as share cooking & lifestyle tips that I’ve adopted. I also focus a lot on figuring out the balance of being in college while living with UC – which isn’t easy.

I’ve always been a supporter of alternative medicine, which I can only imagine comes from both my parents. They have both used integrative, non-Western treatment and practices in order to improve their health so it’s something I’ve always strived for. In reality, having UC has of course given me days where I just wanna say “GIVE ME WHATEVER MEDS YOU’VE GOT, I’M DESPERATE” and I’m sure anyone with a chronic illness can relate to that feeling. Overall, I hope to some day get to a place in life where I am no longer relying on medication to keep me in remission and I do believe that finding long-term and natural solutions will get me there. Someday.

So, this is my journey to having a life-long happy gut.

It’s a journey that has already been accompanied by entire days spent in bed with a heating pad over my belly, moments filled with tears and anxiety and stress of when this flare will end, nights staying in and drinking tea & painting while my friends are out having fun and getting drunk at college bars, and times when I’ve been out in public running around trying to find the nearest bathroom before I shit myself.

Nonetheless, it has also been a journey accompanied by learning to be in tune with my body and what it needs, having the self-discipline to take really really good care of myself even if it isn’t ideal at the moment, navigating a new sense of the term “normal”, building an incredible support system around me of wonderful family, friends, nutritionist, healers, and doctors, and being positive about this process as a whole.