yummy autumn chicken crockpot recipe

On a chilly day in August I was inspired to do a yummy autumn-ish dinner. I love using crockpot recipes (flare up or not) because it makes cooking so much easier. I kept this recipe super simple but you could liven it up with more veggies or grains! Either way it's going to make the … Continue reading yummy autumn chicken crockpot recipe


“Finding the Good” – Pitt News Silhouette

About a month ago, a close friend here at Pitt asked if I would be interested in being involved in the Pitt News Silhouettes - a publication and magazine on campus, part of Pitt's year of diversity, that profiles various students on campus and what makes them unique. At the time, I was starting to see … Continue reading “Finding the Good” – Pitt News Silhouette

making gold

Rupi Kaur's book Milk & Honey  contains beautiful poetry that focuses on love, heartbreak, and pain. Below is one of my favorite pieces: I'm a firm believer that the universe deals us the exact cards that we need in order to grow, learn about ourselves, and become better people. When I was first diagnosed with UC … Continue reading making gold

yummy sweet potato or butternut squash pancakes

These sweet potato pancakes are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and perfect for breakfast or a snack! They only have a few simple ingredients too - sweet potatoes, eggs, nut butter, vanilla, and cinnamon! I got this recipe from my nutritionist Jenna, here is her website with lots of gut-friendly recipes and ideas. You'll Need: 1/2 cup … Continue reading yummy sweet potato or butternut squash pancakes

a switch

Yesterday morning after my flex sig, I received some bad news. After about two and a half months of a flare I can't shake, I found out my UC has gotten significantly worse. In January of this year, my GI described the inflammation inside me as being mild, a 3 out in 10 in severity. Today, … Continue reading a switch